Thursday, June 16, 2016

3 Reasons Brunch is a better option than laying in bed alone on a Sunday morning

Because Mimosa's are yummy!!!! hahahahahahahaahahaha

Please God get out of bed there is no reason to be doing this to yourself 

Ummm, just look at these eggs. You need these eggs

Remove the covers from over your eyes and at least get dressed.

Brunch is where all of the happy things happen because Brunch is where all of the bloody mary's go to hang out with each other and get you drunk you happy little slut you
The longer you stay in bed the sadder this whole thing seems people keep texting and calling you that were expecting to see you at brunch why are you staring at the ceiling with your hand over your eyes your curtains are drawn it's already dark this is horrifically depressing goddmanit

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