Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Study from MIT finds Cheetos, White Wine, Hydrogen Peroxide and Whisky not a bad mix

While studying Fraternity brothers at MIT, graduate students from MIT decided to see how far the limits of the physical human form could be taken. 

in this photo: research subjects

Using key word phrases like, "I dare you" "Don't be a little bitch" and "You act like a pussy"

the MIT students managed to force feed the Fraternity brothers a variety of interesting chemical compounds and food combinations, the most fascinating combo being forced upon Chett Raker originally of Anaheim. 

Chett consumed: 

1 pound of Cheetos

2 Bottles of White Wine

A bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 

20.8 fluid ounces of Whisky

Mr. Raker then proceeded to write a series of soliloquies shocking frat brothers and researchers alike, before passing out in an inflatable kiddie pool. 

Truly the good folks at MIT are fighting the good fight and doing the kind of research this country needs. 

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