Sunday, June 18, 2017

Man on LSD who just Discovered the Universe is One Eternal Ring of Love and Forgiveness: Mugs and Beats the Shit out of Himself

In this Picture: The Ubiquitous Beauty of Nature?

Area man, Matthew (Matty boy) Nichols, who dropped acid late Wednesday afternoon promptly discovered that pain is an illusion and the universe is in fact one being, filled with never-ending love and acceptance. Shortly after making that realization on his walk home from the EL, Nichols somehow managed to mug and beat the shit out of himself.

As Nichols looked into the eyes of his assailants, of whom he was convinced were just different manifestations of the one true being of the universe, he wondered out-loud why he should be so cruel to himself under the current conditions.

While nursing the multiple welts that had grown underneath his eyes he could only think, "my bruises are love, my bleeding is love, the hooded man who stabbed me multiple times uncaring as to whether I lived or died is love."

Nichols was disappointed as to what a bummer this experience with himself turned out to be, but looks forward to spending the next 12 hours awake in bed, in pain, and staring at bright geometrical lights manifesting in multiple parts of his 3X5 bedroom that he pays 600 dollars a month for, truly everything is love.

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