Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Your drunken phone call to your ex transcribed

In this photo: The person you were in love with apparently?! Bad choice Alicia


Hello ees me! The person whose heart you did tear you tored out of my chest you little light licker. Lissen I don't know what I'm saying so juss lissen please?! My name is person. Person you were supposetuh have been in love with. Wazz the deal? Wazz the deal. I can't can can't can can't even talk about it anymore. This is the longest voicemail I've ever left (sob) surry (sob) surry (cough) I dunno was going on with my spit right now iss like ever where. I'm not sad I'm like happier withoutcha. Without ya. I'mma gonna do it on my own now. Like a some sort of a musical. (badly singing) I'm out on my own now! Okay I'm done wiss suh singing now. Oh jeez I feel like I'm gonna domit. (burp) I dinnit domit. Juss in case you were curious or worried about me not that you would be because we are seperate and such now. Pleasss don't tell anyone I called you or show this voicemail to anyone sank you very very mush. I love you so mush. Okay. Goodbye for real now. I love you so mush.

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