Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Have your therapist kill your mom

In this photo: The murderer herself

The only conclusion you're going to find while working through your myriad of issues is that they all come from your mom. Once you come to this conclusion the next step is simple. Have your therapist kill your mom.

Self-actualization comes in little steps. The first little step is hating your mother with every fiber of your being. Why do you hate her? You don't really know. When she calls you hate her and when she doesn't call you hate her. She probably neglected something important when you were younger. Or else she spent too much time pampering you. Either way you're a fucked up human being and you know it's all probably her fault.

When you first bring up the idea your therapist may be reluctant to try out killing your mom. That's normal. Not every therapist is willing to do this kind of work. You may have to look into getting a family therapist before you find the one that will really kill your mom for you. But once you find the therapist that's willing you just have to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your therapists labor while you no longer have a mom that is the source of all of your problems probably.

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