Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dopamine increases when you cry into your purple loofah

                                    In this photo: The day Alicia's loofah posed for getty images. A great day

Groundbreaking research from the University of Michigan confirms that dopamine increases when you cry into your purple loofah Alicia. This is truly astonishing news in terms of understanding how Alicia's brain works.

The study went on to find that the crustiness of the loofah had no effect on whether or not dopamine increased while Alicia cried. No matter how crusty and overused and soppy and soggy the loofah Alicia's dopamine levels still went up when she cried into it. Hopefully this understanding of Alicia's brain will break new ground in the field of neuro-science and the field of Alicia's shower habits.

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