Saturday, June 18, 2016

At Least you Don't Have Dysentery

In this photo: The prettiest stock image of a silver lining in the whole world. Marvel at it. 

It's been a long day. Not just today but everyday. You do a lot. It's important to remember at times like these that at least you aren't dying of diarrhea. You were stressed out at work. Your boss doesn't appreciate you enough! Your supervisor doesn't know what's best for the office to be functioning properly. You got catcalled on the street. Maybe your mother is sick. Maybe your mother is just calling you and bitching at you on the phone and you're tired of it. Maybe your mother doesn't call you ever and it's breaking your heart. Maybe your mother is also your sister. But hey, at least you weren't one of the 600,000 people who died of dysentery this year.

You got that going for you. And a lot of  other things too. Like a great smile and personality I bet. Life is hard. And hopefully your poop is hard too because every cloud has a silver lining. At least you don't have diarrhea right now. Unless you do. If you do have diarrhea right now and all of that other stuff is happening to you I'm really sorry. That sounds like a let down and I don't possibly know how your life could get any worse. But if you don't, don't worry about it. It can only get better. The silver lining of this cloud is that it's not covered in poop. And that's a big silver lining you champ you. That's a big silver lining.

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