Tuesday, June 28, 2016

At least you aren't crazier than Cindy from accounting

In this photo: The prettiest silver lining you've ever seen

You may have screamed at your boyfriend for 45 minutes about some girl you think he was hitting on (he was probably hitting on) but at least you aren't as crazy as Cindy from accounting. She stabbed someone once.

Sure you have a myriad of problems that keep you from functioning like a normal human being. Yeah maybe you've used the term 'fur baby' before like a weirdo. But at times like these remember you have never and you will never stab someone. That's crazy Cindy's territory. And even crazy stabby Cindy manages to keep her job in accounting somehow.

No matter how much your boyfriend complains he could be doing much worse. You aren't stabbing him anytime soon. All you do is cry at him. Crying at someone isn't a crime. Not even a misdemeanor. You're fine. Cry at him all you want. Cry at everyone all night long. No one can arrest you for that. Every cloud has a silver lining and this cloud's silver lining is that your apartment is not and will never be covered in the blood of someone you have stabbed. And you should be proud of that fact. Be proud that you aren't Cindy from accounting. Hold your head high.

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