Saturday, June 4, 2016

3 Reasons You Should Hire Me Instead of a Cat

Here's a cover letter I wrote for a job I'm applying too that I thought was funny and I wanted to share on my blog okay?! I can do whatever I want on here it's a blog.

3 Reasons you should Hire me Instead of a Cat
As the editors and writers at One Green Planet go on their search for a Creative Writer to join their team it may be very tempting to hire a cat instead of me to join their team.
How could I blame you, cats are cute, reliable, and independent thinkers. The perfect fit for a creative team. In order to sway you I’ve included my top three reasons to hire me instead of a cute little kitty cat that plays with baubles and does other cat related things.

1.    I have Opposable Thumbs

As much as they may clean their fur and use a litter box the one thing cats can’t do is type, this is because they don’t have opposable thumbs. Perhaps one of the only leg-up I have on cats is an opposable thumb. This is a good reason to hire me instead of a cat.

2.    I can read

Although not entirely proven up to this point (I might have caught a tabby perusing T.S. Elliot once) cats cannot read.  This is something that I can do to help research articles, educate myself on One Green Planet topics, and just do for fun! Another one of the few ways I am better than a cat.

3.    I have free time

Let’s face it; cats are some of the busiest animals on this planet. They hunt constantly, clean themselves, and need ample time for napping. I on the other hand don’t do any of this (other than napping sometimes I nap).  Since I am not as busy as a cat, I can devote the majority of my free-time to writing quality content for One Green Planet.

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